SOAR - Supporting Others to Achieve Recovery

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"Offering hope and support for
people in early recovery from an eating disorder"

What is SOAR? 
Supporting Others to Achieve Recovery was created in 2009 and its sole purpose is to offer peer support to women who are on their path toward recovery from an eating disorder.  

What is The Phoenix House?
The Phoenix House, is a project of SOAR that was created in 2012. It offers transitional living to women ages 18 yrs and older, who are in the early stages of recovery.  Many of these women have completed in-patient or residential treatment elsewhere and need a place to live offering some basic structure and support to help them hold themselves accountable.

Transitional living can be an important step towards recovery from ED. We started with one house, added a second, and now we have a total of three!  This means that 12 women are able to get the extra support and structure that they need. The demand for transitional housing for women in the early stages of ED recovery remains high and SOAR is happy we are able to meet the needs of women through our work at The Phoenix House.

**SOAR and The Phoenix House do NOT offer therapy or clinical treatment of any kind. Both programs do offer help by providing community based support groups, activities, temporary transitional housing, recovery based coaching, and meal support as needed**


Thriving at 
The Phoenix House
"Live, grow and strengthen normal eating behaviors with others who understand where you have been and support you and your recovery."

The Phoenix House
is a transitional living community comprised of 3 houses with 4 beds in each house for women with eating disorders

The Phoenix House is a supportive and safe living environment nestled in a quiet neighborhood only a short walk to Lake Acworth in Georgia.  It’s the perfect setting to improve mindful and intentional eating skills.



The Phoenix House is a GARR certified Recovery Residences

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Supporting Others to Achieve Recovery (SOAR is a
501(c)(3) Non Profit

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